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Our Products
  Powder Mixer
  Fluidized Granulation and Pallet Coating
  Pallets Making
  Dry Granulation
  Milling & Size Reduction
  Powder Fine Grinding
  Sieving & Grading
  Tablet Coating
  Liquid/Ointment/Cream Homogenize Mixing & Grinding
  Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant
  Ointment / Cream Homogenize Mixing & Manufacturing
  (5) Pallets Making Process-2: In this process we manufactured unequal size pallet for Agro chemicals, Chemicals & Catalysts Industries.  
  Powder- Row Material  
  Dry powder rotated on inclined disc type pan and that time liquid spray on the material so
powder agglomerated and than agglomerated granules rolling and get size bigger due to
continually spraying. In this process we get unequal size pallet.(M/c. –Palletizer)

  Pallet Drying (Machine – Fluid Bed dryer & Tray Dryer)  
  Grading & sieving (Machine – Vibro Sifter)  
  After those Pallets are inspected and packed in Bag.  
  (6) Pallets Coating Process: In this process we coated automatically equal size pallets for Pharmaceuticals and Foods.  
  Equal size Pallets made form Process of Extruder & Spherodizer system.  
  The pallet fill in the container of Fluid Bed Coater and spraying the coating solution by
bottom spraying system and the will be dried the pallet in the same machine.
(Machine – Fluid Bed Coater with Wurster Coater/ Bottom spraying system.)
  Grading & sieving (Machine – Vibro Sifter)  
  After That Pallets are inspected and Packed in capsule
OR Packed in Pouch OR Will be pallet coated
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