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Our Products
  Powder Mixer
  Fluidized Granulation and Pallet Coating
  Pallets Making
  Dry Granulation
  Milling & Size Reduction
  Powder Fine Grinding
  Sieving & Grading
  Tablet Coating
  Liquid/Ointment/Cream Homogenize Mixing & Grinding
  Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant
  Ointment / Cream Homogenize Mixing & Manufacturing
  (4) Pallets Making Process-1: In this process we manufactured equal size pallet for Pharmaceuticals and Foods.  
  Powder- Row Material  
  Mixed the powder with liquid and made dough (Machine –Sigma Mixer-“Z” Blade Mixer)  
  Mixed dough material to be extruded (M/c. – Extruder- Axial or Redial type )  
  spherical pallet made from Extruded material (Machine - Spherodizer)  
  Spherical Pallet Drying (Machine – Fluid Bed dryer OR Tray Dryer)  
  Grading & sieving (Machine – Vibro Sifter)  
  After That Pallets are inspected and Packed in capsule
OR Packed in Pouch OR Will be pallet coated
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