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  Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant
  Ointment / Cream Homogenize Mixing & Manufacturing
  (7) Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Automatic Process:  
  Process: 1 Automatic Sugar Syrup Manufacturing Process  
  Step:1 Sugar Grading & sieving Process (Machine – Vibro Sifter)  
  Step:2 Sugar Transfer in the sugar melting vessel (Machine – Vacuum Transfer System)  
  Step:3 Sugar Melting Process by Sugar and D.M.water mixed and heated in sugar melting
vessel so sugar is malted (Machine –Sugar Melting Vessel)
  Step:4 Melted Sugar to be filtered for removing impurity of solid particles and transfer the
manufacturing vessel (M/c. Basket Filter and Transfer Pump)
  Step:5 Syrup manufacturing by adding drugs & ingredient in malted sugar and mixed by
stirrer and high speed homogenizer with heating. Also the material re circulated in the
vessel after that readiness of syrup it will be cooled by cooling system.(Machine –Syrup
Manufacturing Vessel)
  Step:6 Cooled syrup will be transfer through inline homogenizer and filter press for
homogenize mixing and filtered up to 5 microns size in storage tank.
(M/c Inline Homogenizer & Filter Press)

  Step:7 The syrup is storage in the storage vessel and when transfer to the filling machine
that time mixed by stirrer. (Machine –Storage Tank)

  Step:8 Syrup transfer to float tank of filling machine by transfer Pump system
(Machine – Tranfer Pump)

  Liquid syrup will be packed in bottle by filling & sealing & packing line machinery  
  Step: 9 Automatic washing of all vessel and Tank by CIP system (Machine –CIP/ WIP System)  
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