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    Lab Triple Roller Mill ( Three roller Mill)
  Colloid Mill  
  Application & Process:  
The Laboratory scale colloid mill is a machine that is used to reduce the particle size of a solid in suspension in a liquid, or to reduce the droplet size of a liquid suspended in another liquid. This is done by applying high levels of hydraulic shear to the process liquid. It is frequently used to increase the stability of suspensions and emulsions. The colloid mill is used for various applications such as Superfine grinding, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, mixing and extracting of liquids, ointments and highly viscous products in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, suspensions & emulsion industry.
The product is fed to the hopper which leads the product into the gap between rotor and stator. The product is subjected to a high degree of shearing, cutting and rubbing between two metal toothed surfaces of rotor and stator and towards the discharge section. The processed product continuously leaves the mill through drain pipe if required, it can be re-circulated by three way cock and re-circulating pipe assembly.
  New Design Features:  
Laboratory scale colloid mill is used for Homogenizing, Emulsifying, Dispersing,
Mixing, Comminuting of Ointment, Liquid and highly viscous products research and development institutions, pharmaceutical laboratory, and pharmacy colleges.
Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
Easy to adjustment gap between rotor and stator.
Three way cock assembly with re-circulating pipe.
Easy to Moveable and dismantle all contact parts for cleaning.
Silicon food grade seal.
Separate discharge spout for highly viscous products.
Optional: Horizontal or vertical drive model, water cooling systems, Explosion proof electrical.
Output 50 Liter/Hour
Rotor Speed 2850 RPM
Hopper Capacity 5 Liters
Partial Size Reduction 5 to 10 microns
Electric Motor 1 HP / 0.75 kW
Overall Dimension (Cm) 55 (L) X 83 (W) X 100 H
  Lab Colloid Mill  
  Lab Stirrer  
  Application & Process:  

The Laboratory Scale Stirrer / Agitator / Homogenizer is applicable to blending, dispersing, homogenization, mixing of liquid, ointment, solution, viscous material and solid-liquid in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, color and dye, cosmetics, as well as the plastics industry.
Stirrer / Agitator/ Homogenizer mix two or more Liquids to Required Results. It consists of two parts 1) Drive 2) Impeller. This is direct drive stirrer with homogenizer blade.

  New Design Features:  
Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
Capacity available for volume of 2 liter to 25 liter for lab and Pilot scale.
This intermittent type high-shearing homogenization emulsion machine is high-powered stirring system.
Option for type of Blade like (1) Propeller ( 2) Slotted (3)Homogenizer.
The stirrer assembly is mounted on Telescopic stand.
   Lab stirrer  
  Triple Roller Mill  
PRISM LABORATORY SCALE TRIPLE ROLLER MILL is designed for small batch size and flexibility to a bench top mill. In a Triple Roller mill, particle size are reduced and agglomerates are dispersed by the combined crushing force of the rollers and the extremely high shearing force resulting from different roller speeds. Since the entire product is fed into the gap between the rollers, the result is precise, controllable and narrow particle size distribution. By setting the gap width, particle size can be controlled easily and accurately, down to the micro level.
Three roll mills can be used to process a wide range of products with diverse rheology- from low viscosity materials of 200 cPoise to thick paste of more than 1,000,000 cPoise. Three roll mills enable a medium or high viscosity product to be dispersed with minimal liquid. Since liquid materials do not have to be dispersed, they can be added later. Three roll mills provide outstanding control of product temperature, since the product is processed as a thin film on the roller. As result, the product can be heated of cooled to the desired temperature.
  New Design Features:  
Design as per stringent cGMP requirement.
All contact parts are in S.S.316 non contact parts in S.S.304 Quality.
Zero Gaps between rollers are adjustable.
Easy to clean.
Leak proof water Cooling/ Heating System to rollers.
Throughput- Min- Max. 0.02 -2 Liter/Hour, Average depending on product.
Roller Diameter 80 mm
Roller length 200 mm
Rotor Speed Ratio n1:n2;n3 9 : 3 : 1
Roller Material Hard Chromed plated steel.
Universal scraper system Standard
Scraper knife material Steel
Frequency converter Speed control Motor Output 0.75 KW
Roller which can be cooled and heated up to 60° C Standard
Dimensions mm( width x depth x height with scraper system and hopper) 750 x 600 x 600
Net weight – Kg Ca. 75
Power supply 3 phase & Specific Voltage.
  Lab Three Roller Mill  
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