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laboratory scale & Pilot Scale
manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Machinery
Our Products
Prism Pharma Machinery   Powder Mixer
Prism Pharma Machinery   Drying
Prism Pharma Machinery   Fluidized Granulation and Pallet Coating
Prism Pharma Machinery   Pallets Making
Prism Pharma Machinery   Dry Granulation
Prism Pharma Machinery   Milling & Size Reduction
Prism Pharma Machinery   Powder Fine Grinding
Prism Pharma Machinery   Blending
Prism Pharma Machinery   Sieving & Grading
Prism Pharma Machinery   Tabletting
Prism Pharma Machinery   Tablet Coating
Prism Pharma Machinery   Liquid/Ointment/Cream Homogenize Mixing & Grinding
Prism Pharma Machinery   Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant
Prism Pharma Machinery   Ointment / Cream Homogenize Mixing & Manufacturing
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welcome to our company Prism Textile Machinery
Prism Pharma Machinery   Prism Pharma Machinery
Prism Textile Machinery   Prism Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
The aim of Prism Group’s Pharma Division is to meet our customer’s entire requirement, applying the best technology and automatizing of the process, ensuring reliability, ease of use and long life the investment. A wide range of Process machinery is created by the Company based in Ahmedabad, India. With an ever increasing presence in the Process Machinery for Laboratory and Pilot scale line for Powder, Liquid and Ointment processing for Research and Development of Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetic, Foods, Dairy, Bakery, Confectionery, Agro Chemical, Chemical, Detergent, Ayurvedic & Herbals, Paint, Ceramics, Catalysts, Silica and Pharma Institutes.  
The Prism Pharma Machinery is having world’s largest range of lab process equipment. The company is known for innovative manufacturer for processing system for drying, granulating, mixing, milling, size reducing, blending, coating, tabletting, pelletizing, stirring, pellet coating, homogenizing, containment, vacuumised mixing, evaporation, filtration, cleaning, material conveying and fermentation as well as process integration and process automation service. Prism focuses on especially process engineering with specialized mechanical engineering and equipment along with automation engineering.

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Our Applications
Application   Pharmaceuticals: For Oral Solid Dosage- Tablet
Application   Pharmaceuticals: For Oral Liquid Syrup Manufacturing.
Application   Pharmaceuticals: For Ointment/ Cream Manufacturing.
Application   Pharmaceuticals: For Oral Solid Dosage- Capsule
Application   Nutraceutical:
Our Applications
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